Specialist Woodwork

High end bespoke carpentry and woodworking design with professional installation


Specialist Woodwork offers high-end finish carpentry and woodworking design, all with professional installation.

We specialise in custom cabinetry, kitchen and bath remodels, and everything in between. From simple to extravagant, for one room or your entire house, our quality craftsmanship and creative vision will transform your home!

We are committed to delivering superior service to all of our customers and industry partners. We are contractors who work as your home improvement consultants. We will not only give complimentary in-home or office estimates, we will help you decide on custom designs for your cabinetry needs as well as wood and paint suggestions.  We will customise our work to meet your needs. 

We are prompt and flexible, and we will work around you.  We are used to working respectfully around pets, children, employees, and other general contractors. Once the work is complete, we will leave your home just as we found it with minimal disturbance or mess.

We often work in partnership with Specialist Glasswork on more complex jobs. If you require glass of any kind for your project, we highly recommend this company.

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Specialist Woodwork

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